Management Message

More than 20 years experience in foreign trade, we understand that if we do not make effort to improve ourselves, we will fall behind. Pocket lining is a kind of textiles that normally be ignored and nobody links it with the term “quality”. Long Chang Textile has a different view, using the best quality yarn, with the best sizing plant, weaving by the new air-jet loom, we sell it in a highly competitive price. Long Chang Textile is perhaps the best pocket lining manufacturer!

20多年的外贸经验,明白到不进则退。 口袋布是一种一直被人要求不高的纺织品。 隆昌有着不一样的看法,用最好的纱,最好的浆纱厂,配合上新式的喷气织机织造,以最合理的单价销售。 隆昌也许是最好的口袋布生产厂家!